Monday, June 11, 2007


I am not a psychic, and I will never pretend to be one. HOWEVER, a great thing happened to me.
I had to drive to NC on Sunday for a) the funeral of my friend Sue Williamson, and b) the graduation of my niece from High School. As I got in the car Sunday morning (really early) I thought "I am going to see a dog on the side of the road and I will have to pick him up". Now I, again, am so not a psychic but that's what happened. While I was gone the young boy next door took care of my current pets. On Sunday night he saw a dog on my front porch barking to get in. He thought it was my dog Angie. He let the dog into my house. Said dog spent the night with my dogs. He came to let them out Monday am and realized that dog was extra.

When I got home my poor neighbors had him in their front yard hoping someone would be looking for him. I brought him back to my house. They felt really bad. I assured them that I was in no way upset. I called Animal Control to check to see if anyone had reported him missing and of course, the guy said "I have to come and git 'im". So said dog is now at the SPCA. I called and told them I will adopt him if no one claims him, but I think someone will. Weird, huh?

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