Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Okay we all know I am posting on the other blog since my Mother and Daddy need to read my post and I'm tired of fighting with them about W. He is so not worth my relatuionship with my family. But as a human that lives a mile from a port (although not one of the ones in line to be overun by terrorists) this particular issue is as near to my heart as it gets. How on earth can W make the big proclamations that only he can save us from bad guys, we are all going to be killed by turrists, the hand over management of those ports to members of a country that supports and produces terrorists? This is just crazy. He was quoted as saying "This was done by the book." What fucking book? Who wrote that book? This is pissing me off.

And now of course the Supreme Court will make abortion illegal. Go ahead. Just know this you zealots: abortion will never go away. Women will always get them. The rich girls will jet off to other countries and get them, poor girls will have botched abortions and die or have babies. So much for the big idea of producing generations of Neo-cons. Okay. Whew. Thanks.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Help me

Whenever I use that title I seem to get plenty of oddball reaction. So help me to understand this quote from W's Nashville speech:

“When we grew up, oceans protected us, it seemed like. We felt pretty safe and secure from a attack on American soil. We were concerned about a nuclear threat, but nevertheless, we felt secure because we were isolated from threats it seemed like. September the 11th changed my way of thinking. It changed my way of thinking on a lot of things, and one way it changed is that when we see a threat we got to deal with it.”

Um, Cuban Missle Crap? Dude where WERE you? Dude? Did you not have to Plan with your family of origin where you were gonna be when "it" hit? How did the ocean make your dumb completely stupid ass feel safe in Tixis!

Help me to understand. I KNOW some bushie will rise up in the middle of the night, having no life, to 'splain to to me. Take it away.